June 21st , 2011.

Public Debut at "Exhibit A," 2011.

Acrylic, 24" x 36"


I enjoy using a variety of textures in my paintings, and this is one of the most drastically textured ones that I've ever done.  The background is extremely dark, with very faint tinges of red and violet.  The foreground is a set of dark red, very rough three-dimensional chunks.

The name "Andersonville" comes from a trip that my parents and I took to the the former site of the Andersonville prison camp when I was very young.  During the Civil War, Union soldiers were held here, often in large pits dug into the ground, open to the sun and the summer heat.  The soldiers would dig at the earth on the sides of the pits with their bare hands, trying to find some source of water.  It was horrific.

I didn't start this painting with Andersonville in mind, but as I kept working on it and the ragged chunks became clearer, it reminded me more and more of the stories I heard about the pits in Andersonville when I was a child.

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