September 22, 2011.

Public Debut at "Exhibit A," 2011.

Acrylic, 30" x 40"


For most of my life, I have been interested in the different divisions of human nature, especially the division of dark versus light (not to be confused with the division of good versus evil, which also interests me).

Mangrove Earthshoe's "The Bilestoad" had fun illustrating the division of human nature with the divisions of the meatlings in each battle (forsher versus yaeger) and the two most important "shyben" on each battlefield (mondstrall versus zonenstrall).

This painting included some of my first experimentation with additional media mixed into the paint.  The eyes included a special medium that would keep the pooled and dripping "blood" looking chunky and wet, although it was completely safe to touch.

Although I only have this single picture of the painting for the time being, I'm hoping to stumble onto more of them soon, and the collector who purchased it has stated that she will take a picture with it at some point as well.

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