"I May Be Dying Now, But You Loved Me Once."

May 4th, 2011.

Public Debut at "Exhibit A," 2011.

Acrylic, 16" x 20"


This was the third painting that I completed for my first collection back in 2011.  It was the most talked-about piece in "Exhibit A," and I had a number of people who were interested in purchasing it.  In 2012, a married couple who were two of my most respected competitors from back in my mobile days purchased the painting from me, and I'm proud to say that it's now hanging in their house.

The painting itself had a double meaning to me.  It was the first painting of mine to express my massive love of music; after all, during the few mid-to-late-80s years before I started DJing, cassette was my medium of choice when I bought new albums!

Also, it had a more poignant underlying meaning.

Follow me here, please:  When we first get to know people (either as friends or something more), often we can be completely crazy about the person at first... but then as more and more time goes by, those incredibly "special" people sometimes get swept aside for newer people.  It's not really fair, but that's the way it often works.

Back in the day, I would buy a new album on cassette and play the hell out of it, listening intently, studying the nuances of each song, memorizing the lyrics... really loving that new cassette because I couldn't afford another one for a little while and I thought the music was awesome.

Then, when I got more new cassettes, those older ones sometimes got lost.  I might eventually find them in the floorboard of my car after they'd gotten ruthlessly baked in the hot summer sun for a couple of months.  Maybe they'd still be okay; maybe they wouldn't be.  Often, I wouldn't even bother to give them a try.

How many times have you allowed old friends to fall into the back floorboard of your life, allowing yourself to somewhat forget how awesome and special they were at first so that you could put more emphasis on the newer, more exciting, and more "immediate" people that you were meeting?

As time goes by and I continue to get older, I know that I will certainly have friends who will pass away... or, inevitably, friends who will hear the news when I pass away.  In some cases, I know there will be some sadness and regret, because someone got swept off to the side and a great friendship was allowed to become stagnant and possibly even forgotten.  Again... it's not really fair, but that's the way it often works.

"I may be dying now... but you loved me once."

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