"Solitude and Desperation."

Jul 23rd, 2011.

Public Debut at "Exhibit A," 2011.

Acrylic, 24" x 48"


"Desperation and Solitude" was painted during a time in which I wasn't in the best of shape financially or emotionally.  I felt alone, scared, and somewhat unworthy of anyone's assistance.  It was a horrible time and I needed to express my feelings somehow.

The background is treated so that it has an odd texture - kind of dry compared to some of my other paintings.

The hanging wire on the back of this one is rather "low" compared to most of my paintings.  In my exhibits, it has often been displayed as being a little bit crooked or off-kilter, and it actually feels kind of fitting when it's tilted over a little bit.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Interested in purchasing?  Please contact me!

  (Model:  My son X, almost five
years old at the time of this photo.)

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