"Someone Else's Freedom."

September 27th, 2012.

Public Debut at "Exhibit B," 2012.

Acrylic, 48" x 24"


My inspiration for this painting was the corruption of corporate America.  Even when the economy is in the toilet, with government bailouts and scandals aplenty, top-level executives rarely fail to get big raises and awesome bonuses every year.  In the meantime, those far beneath them on the corporate ladder often have to struggle, tightening their belts and doing more and more to make ends meet.

I wanted to paint something very colourful and beautiful - like the vacations that most of those in the lower-to-middle classes will never get to take, although such a vacation would be a "drop in the bucket" to those relaxing comfortably above them.

Unless we're on the top of the hill, we're all ultimately working to benefit "someone else's freedom."

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