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You have reached a very special company for very special clientele - a premium Tulsa DJ service dedicated to the best retro DJ experience for your 80s parties, 90s parties, class reunions, weddings, and other events, using REAL VINYL and CDs instead of a laptop for the most old-school, genuine mobile DJ performances you can get.  You won't find another Tulsa-area DJ company quite like us!



Awesome Retro DJ is a solid company built on a foundation of over a quarter-century of experience.  We know that our clients want something more than "just another guy playing music" or "that same old company from the wedding show."  We are a specialized business focused on bringing the hottest 80s/90s "retro night" club-like experience to your event!

Our DJ actually prefers to meet clients directly in person to discuss their specific needs in advance of the actual booking.  We want to make sure that we can provide the best performance possible for your special event.  We're not scrambling to take "any gig we can" just to pull in some easy bucks.  We want you to be confident that we're the right DJ group for you instead of pressuring you into an immediate contract.  If you hire us, you're the only customer that we will be focusing on for that particular night.

You read that right:  We only send out ONE DJ system per night.  We don't take a bunch of bookings all over the place then send out a slew of random DJs who may or may not be able to do the job correctly.  We've seen firsthand how embarrassing it can be to book a DJ (from another company) and then end up with some "newbie" who doesn't know what he/she is doing.  We know that you want to make a good impression on your guests.  You want your event to be special.  By concentrating our time and resources on one client per night and sending out a seasoned professional to each and every event, we can provide you not only with an AWESOME DJ performance, but an AWESOME customer experience as well!

Awesome Retro DJ is a SPECTACULAR choice for wedding receptions (including LGBT weddings), class reunions, corporate events, holiday parties, retro-themed proms and homecomings, and almost any event that you want to turn into a legendary 80s night and/or 90s night!



One of the absolute top-shelf DJs in Tulsa, "Badger" Kelley has been professionally DJing for over twenty-five years.  (He started really young.)

His stunning résumé includes thirteen years of running his first mobile DJ company (EKG Pro Mobile Music), countless club performances including "ResurXtion," "80s Prom," and "That 90s Party," being part of the legendary "Edge of Insanity" (EOI Network) alternative radio crew, and even writing a nationally-published column for Karaoke + DJ USA magazine.

When not DJing, Badger enjoys obsessively collecting Atari 2600 cartridges and the music of Depeche Mode, painting, working out, and spending time with his wife and two sons.


Whether you're crazy about the 80s, wacky about the 90s, or a little of both, you're going to LOVE what we have to offer at Awesome Retro DJ.

  • Popular dance hits of the 80s and 90s.
  • Old-school hip-hop, R+B and New Jack Swing-era tracks.
    (No hardcore gangsta rap.)
  • Classic slow jams and rock ballads, so you can get your groove on.
  • The alternative classics we loved in the clubs - from bands like New Order, Depeche Mode, Ministry, New Order, Book of Love, and the Cure!
  • A good selection of house tunes (commercial and underground) from back in the day!
  • Even some good, pumping techno/rave tracks, if the occasion calls for them.

No two Awesome DJ performances are ever the same.  We don't have a "cookie-cutter" set for all parties; each performance is individually hand-crafted.

And, yes... we do take advance suggestions from you before your event (we love that!), and we take requests from you on-site during the performance!

Also... to bring you a more clublike experience, we have some of the most ultra-rare remixes ever produced of some of your favourite dance tracks - remixes that work to enhance the experience and make the tracks more mixable and danceable!  When possible, tracks are beatmatched and mixed together to provide a more fluid dancing experience.

And, it may surprise you, but we don't play any of these tracks from a laptop.  Sometimes we use CDs for tracks when we have to, but Badger prefers to mix his sets using real vinyl records.

Waitasecond...  What?!



We don't use a laptop or MIDI controller.   We haul in cases of REAL vinyl (mostly in near-mint condition), and some CDs for use when necessary.

Badger is a longtime vinyl collector (with over 5000 records in his home collection) and likes mixing manually, without using a magic "sync button" to do the work for him.  "Call me a masochist, but when it comes to something I'm this passionate about, I enjoy doing real, hard work."

This means you get a cooler, more visual performance from a real DJ putting in genuine, old-school DJ work - and no more DJs with a case of "laptop face" (that deer-in-the-headlights glare they get when they zone out).  :)


Right off the bat:  We're not going to try to impress you with thousands and thousands of watts.  One of the secrets of the mobile DJ industry is that an 800 watt amp can actually provide way more than enough power for most wedding receptions.  We usually use at least a 1000-watt amp for our standard system.

We have a strong, solid sound setup, but we're not going to blast your eardrums with an unbearable wall of noise or a flood of muddled bass. We never crank our systems up all the way, and we aren't in a "volume competition" with our competitors. Our audio systems are plenty loud, but they're also clear.

Our standard speakers are a pair of Peavey SP3s - big, chunky, concert-grade equipment - not just a couple of little speakers on poles.  Our larger systems also feature a pair of 18" Peavey Black Widow cabinets for additional thumping bass.

Our turntables are Technics SL-1200s - the heavy-duty club standard, equipped with Shure cartridges for exceptional clarity and great tracking.  We use Pioneer CD decks and an Allen + Heath mixer (kind of like the Aston-Martin of the mixer industry).  We take pride in every Awesome Retro DJ performance, and the quality of our professional sound gear clearly reflects that.



Back in the 80s/90s, DJs took a lot of pride in their light shows.   Competing DJs would do what they could to get the "next big thing" when new lights came out, so there were some really good shows out there.  These days, there are a few DJs with decent light shows, but a lot of DJs' "complete light systems" are just pathetic.  A few blinking spotlights and a strobe light don't constitute a complete light experience for the customer.

At Awesome Retro DJ, we still believe that a great light show is ESSENTIAL for a great party atmosphere.  All of our packages include at least some lights.  Not only do we include modern light effects and lasers by companies like Martin and Chauvet, but also some AMAZING hard-to-find but well-maintained vintage gear by American DJ, Probeam, and Optikinetics.  Our light shows are AWESOME!!  Contact us for details!


We are not the cheapest option out there, but you get a LOT for your money..

Our most modest package, the "Club Standard," starts at $850, including advance consultation, the drive to almost anywhere in Tulsa, setup, teardown, DJ, assistant, lights and sound, and up to four hours of performance time.  An advance retainer is required.

For the time being, take $100 off ANY Awesome Retro DJ bookings!


Here are some complete mixes peformed by our own DJ Badger, available for FREE legal streaming via his Mixcloud page!

"I Survived the 80s" (pop) - "Cocaine and Acid Wash" (80s club)
"Neon Lights and Coconut Fog" (80s club)
"The Little Miss 80s Megamix" (It's MASSIVE - over two hours long!)
"The Classic Club Connection Megamix" (80s/early 90s)
"Takin' It Back to the Somewhat Old School" (80s/early 90s hip-hop)
"Pop of the 90s" + Part 2, 3, 4
"The Late 90s Hit Meltdown Part 1" - "Part 2"
"A Mixed Bag of Classic House" + Part 2, 3
"We Called It Techno" + Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
(Warning:  Some mixes may contain objectionable language.)

For more information, or to inquire about booking your event, please
(You can also send us messages there!)


Thank you very much; we look forward to hearing from you!


Remember...  If you want an AWESOME party, you'd better get an AWESOME DJ.

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